Stream a virtual desktop computer to your devices just like you stream movies


The first streamed desktop developed for micro-businesses & sole proprietors



Protect your data, clients and reputation.

Any screen

Use all your installed programs, connect to cloud apps and access files on any device as if you were at your office computer.

Instant on

Turn on your device and hit connect.  That’s all it takes to access your virtual desktop from anywhere in the world.

Hassle free

Complete, enterprise-grade IT system for your business with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.  Backed by 24/7 tech support.

The ADAR PersonalCloud works just like Netflix® and Hulu®. Stream your virtual Windows computer to any device. It really is that simple.

Step 1: Download an app

One app will give you access to the full version of every software you use and all of your files

Step 2: Log in

Enter your ADAR PersonalCloud username and password

Step 3: Start working

Pick up where you left off when you last logged in

Simple per-user pricing with no hidden charges


Best for students, part-time freelancers and other users who only require the most basic functionality.
$59/user per month
  • Stream basic desktop to multiple devices
  • Install any Windows software
  • Always up-to-date AntiVirus
  • Automatic software updates
  • Free productivity software (web browsers, Adobe Reader, etc.)
  • 100% No Surprises Guarantee
  • No commitments – cancel anytime
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Best for organizations with more than 7 users who need dedicated support for a complex IT environment.
$199/user per month
  • Custom designed & dedicated PrivateCloud system
  • Dedicated cloud strategist
  • Full migration of all applications and data
  • 24/7/365 help desk support for all IT related issues
  • Defense grade security & HIPAA compliance
  • Unlimited number of users
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Technical Specs

  • Single CPU virtual Microsoft Windows desktop with 2GB of RAM and 100GB hard drive
  • Firewall, Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention and Malware protection
  • Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox pre-installed
  • Adobe Reader, NitroPDF Reader, Quicktime Player, and Notepad++ pre-installed
  • VMware Horizon revolutionary PC-over-IP technology

Technical specs

  • Dual CPU virtual Microsoft Windows desktop with 4GB of RAM and 100GB hard drive
  • Firewall, Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention and Malware protection
  • Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox pre-installed
  • Adobe Reader, NitroPDF Reader, Quicktime Player, and Notepad++ pre-installed
  • VMware Horizon revolutionary PC-over-IP technology
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium
  • 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage
  • 50GB Microsoft Exchange mailbox
  • Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher for 5 PCs and/or Macs
  • Microsoft Office apps for all your tablets and smartphones
  • Sharepoint Online

Technical specs

  • Strategic IT guidance from Cloud CIO
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Employee productivity monitoring
  • Zero clients

Common Questions

Why have I never heard of this type of service before? Is it something brand new and untested?

The IT model of using a centrally hosted virtual desktop...

The IT model of using a centrally hosted virtual desktop and bringing all software and services together on it is far from new.  It has been used by large enterprises for decades with technologies such as Citrix, Terminal Services and VDI.  However, these technologies have not been cost effective for smaller organizations, and require a large up-front investment.

We at ADAR, Inc. – the company behind ADAR PersonalCloud – have been servicing our customers with this type of model for over ten years and have many thousands of users all across the world.  Most of our customers have traditionally been companies with at least 20 employees.  With ADAR PersonalCloud, we’re bringing the same large company IT benefits to the smallest of organizations and even to sole-proprietors at an affordable price.

I already use Dropbox, or a similar service, to store and share files in the cloud. Why should I use ADAR PersonalCloud instead?

ADAR PersonalCloud includes the same functionality...

ADAR PersonalCloud includes the same functionality as Dropbox, or similar service.  You can store files, access them from multiple devices, sync them to your laptop for offline access and share them with colleagues.  However, ADAR PC takes file storage and sharing to a whole new level of security.  Although you can synchronize your files with your laptop, you don’t have to do so to be able to have access from everywhere.  This means that if an employee leaves your company you can simply deactivate their access and even if they keep their laptop there won’t be any company data on it.  Also, if a computer gets stolen you no longer have to worry about losing sensitive information.

What kind of software can I install?

ADAR PersonalCloud allows you...

ADAR PersonalCloud allows you to install and run any Windows compatible software.

Why should I choose ADAR PersonalCloud instead of buying a computer and installing software?

ADAR PersonalCloud is not a replacement computer...

ADAR PersonalCloud is not a replacement computer, although a super-fast virtual desktop is part of the service, it is a fully integrated IT system designed for small organizations.  It includes everything that a small business needs: Microsoft Exchange email, cloud storage and sharing, Microsoft Office licensing, instant messaging, security, AntiVirus, backup, automatic updates and much more.  Most importantly, ADAR PC brings it all together on a single virtual desktop that can be accessed from any internet-connected device and allows you to install your own software such as Quickbooks, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, or any other program that runs on Windows.

Will programs run slower in the cloud than on a local desktop?

Programs will actually run faster, not slower. Here is why:

Programs will actually run faster, not slower. Here is why:

  • ADAR PersonalCloud runs in a high-end data center on enterprise-grade equipment with much better CPUs and memory compared to a typical desktop that uses lower grade equipment.
  • The internet connection at the data center is many times faster than on your local desktop. Try running a speed test on your local and then on the ADAR PC. A good site to use is You’ll see a huge difference.Speedtest
  • The hard drives used in ADAR PC are SSD (solid state) and are much faster than traditional hard drives in a regular desktop.

Therefore, on a stable internet connection the speed will be as good or better than local.

What equipment do I need in my office to be able to use ADAR PersonalCloud?

In order to access the ADAR PersonalCloud desktop...

In order to access the ADAR PersonalCloud desktop you will need some sort of device. It could be an existing computer, mobile device, or a thin client.  It doesn’t need to run any software, only access the internet. See below for a comprehensive list of devices.

Beyond a device you’ll need internet access, keyboard/mouse and printer/scanner. Everything else will be done at our secure, Tier 3 data center. The ADAR PersonalCloud bundles all the IT services you need together (email, Office, secure storage, cloud storage, AntiVirus, backup, etc.) in a single, well-integrated computer environment. You no longer have to purchase individual services from different vendors and have to put them all together to make sure they work. More importantly, with ADAR PC you can install all of your traditional and web-based software on one virtual desktop in the cloud. All users can access the entire IT environment from any device and any location.

Here are some of the devices you can use:

  • Windows desktop, laptop, tablet, StickPC or smartphone
  • Apple desktop or laptop (Mac OS 10.6.8 or later)
  • Linux desktop or laptop
  • iOS-based tablet or smartphone (iOS 6 or later)
  • Android-based tablet or smartphone
  • Google Chromebook
  • Any other device that can run HTML5 compatible web browser

Best of all, you don’t need a computer at all and can access your ADAR PersonalCloud desktop using a PCoIP compatible zero client device. These devices come in all shapes and sizes. Click here for some examples.

Thank you for introducing me to a new way of using technology. The ease and access of working on “the cloud” has significantly reduced the amount of time I spend dealing with hardware and software problems. 

Robert D.

Executive Director, Non-profit organization

Switching to ADAR went absolutely perfectly. I wish I could help you improve the process, but it went so smooth and without a hitch.

Terri P.

President, Law firm

Every ADAR agent that we have spoken to has been very helpful, courteous and genuinely seems eager to reach an efficient resolution – a real testament to your hiring policies.

Peter R.

Business Manager, Recruiting firm

I really like the people you have on staff. They are super helpful. It’s great to be able to call in and quickly get the help that we need. I really appreciate it.

Kate B.

Owner, Real estate agent

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